Custom Cabinets

We build all of our cabinets on site.

None of these babies come out of a box. These are your cabinets built by us, for you.

All of our cabinets are built from scratch with heavy duty, 3/4” thick MDF, ready to paint, in any size you desire. Tell us what you want or let us recommend a design for you. We can illustrate your space as a virtual design until you see what you want.

Each cabinet will conform to whatever function you like. Modular, strong, and 100% designed for your space. Of course, if you have a specific cabinet in mind that you just "have to have" or you would like metal cabinets, we can take care of it for you.

We will finish your cabinets to whatever color you’d like. It’s amazing how a little color will brighten up your garage.

Have questions about the system? Check our FAQ page for details.